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"Exactly what is Star Attraction and what is my child's role in it?"

The answer to this question is, Star Attraction is whatever you want it to be for your child! We are an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Club, non-profit. As such, we are part of a national sports federation involving over thirty sports, including gymnastics, basketball, track and field, karate, baton twirling, swimming cheerleading, dance/drill and many more. The AAU was founded by one of the original members of the United States Olympic Committee to create a like competition venue for youth athletes. The USOC even today remains a backer of the AAU and provides meritorious recognition to our sports.

Our club, which is separate from the Parks and Recreation program, invites all participants in the P&R classes to join Star Attraction. We have many extracurricular activities which have included parties, parades, community fairs, sporting events, concerts, mall presentations, nursing home shows, school assemblies, competitions, the AAU Junior Olympic Games, exchange trips and more! Although the children are not required to partake in any of these events, many children participate at least a few times throughout the year as a part of the learning experience and because it is fun to do so! In fact, most of our events are fun for the whole family.

Baton twirlers, flag twirlers, dancers and cheerleaders who join Star Attraction will automatically be members and eligible to perform at Star Attraction events. It is not necessary to be enrolled in a Parks & Recreation program to participate.

"Please explain the classes".

Classes are held through Parks and Recreation Departments. These classes are taught by the staff of Star Attraction. Students enrolled in these classes are eligible to join Star Attraction and participate in Senior Attraction activities

In baton twirling there are four levels of expertise. The first level is beginner or developing. The second level is intermediate. It is for students who have reached a certain level of expertise. To move to this level, the athlete must be recommended by the instructor. The third and fourth levels are also upon the teacher recommendation - Junior Team and Senior Team. The junior level competes in select local competitions and performs when invited. Senior Team is the next level. There is a separate set of expectations for members of this team, and athletes must be selected by an instructor to try out for a position on this squad. These athletes are dedicated to our club as a top priority in their lives. They are a Travel Team, performing at all the events, which have included basketball games at Villanova University, St. Joe's University, the Mummers Parade and the First Union Center. They compete at the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

All cheerleaders are eligible to participate in our parades, performances, parties and Star Attraction hosted competitions. In cheerleading, levels are divided by grade in school. On occasion, an instructor will move a child to a different class. This can be for a number of reasons, one of which may be that your child may be a natural "base" or a "flyer" and would have more opportunity for that role in another class.

Flag Twirlers are also able to participate in all of our events, activities and performances. Like cheerleading, Flags are divided by grade in school for classes.

Dancers are also able to participate in all of our events, activities and performances. Like cheerleading, Flags are divided by grade in school for classes.

In addition, Baton twirlers, Cheerleaders and Flag Twirlers are invited to be a part of the Halftime/Show. This class is offered as a part of Upper Merion�s Parks and Recreation program. It is held on Wednesday evenings in King of Prussia. This one hour class incorporates a variety of equipment, dance, and music. It is a stage type production. (When invited to perform for the Mummers Parade, it was the Show that was asked to go.) Registration for this class may be made by calling 610-265-1071. You need not reside in Upper Merion to participate, and there are no extra fees for non-residents.

Other classes, such as Modeling and Dance are also offered through the Parks & Recreation Departments. Private lessons in Baton Twirling are offered by appointment. Contact the Star Attraction office for information or to schedule an appointment.

"How do I join Star Attraction?"

1. Membership in the AAU is required. This can be done online, ( through the class instructor or the Star Attraction Office. Membership fee is minimal. If you are already a member of the AAU in another sport, you may use that membership card* for membership in Star Attraction.

Chaperones must also be a member of AAU and join in the same sport as your child. (If you are interested in being a chaperone, you should contact Star Attraction through email or telephone.)

*Attendance is taken at all events. You must bring your membership card to your first performance or email it four days prior to event to be recorded. If you forget your card, you will have to buy another membership and contact our office for information on a refund. We will hold the registration for one week to give you a chance to send a copy of your card to our office. Once your card has been recorded by Star Attraction, you need not bring it to other events.

2. You must wear a Star Attraction tee-shirt or sweatshirt to performances. If you are a returning baton student, you are eligible to wear a uniform. Junior and Senior baton teams wear special trim on their uniform.

"What is the competition? My child could not possibly be ready to compete so soon!"

Approximately once a month for three months beginning in March, we host a competition. We have these events for a number of reasons. This is our club's largest fund-raiser. The Star Attraction Parent Booster Club runs the concession stand and a raffle. You are encouraged to attend any or all of these competitions to watch. There is no admission fee, although an item for the raffle table is requested. All family members and friends are invited.

We run the competitions to give our children the opportunity to demonstrate their skills locally. This provides motivation to the children to practice at home and to put forth their best efforts in the classroom. This relaxed venue can also be used to show off to their family and friends what they have been working on in class. It gives them experience in front of people, which is very much a part of baton twirling, cheerleading and flag twirling. This becomes another aspect of their training.

Teachers will tell the children when they are ready to compete in team and/or solo events. All members of Star Attraction may compete at all the competitions with our Parade. There are at least three additional events in which every child may perform at the competitions: with their own class (Team), with all the classes combined (Parade), and alone (Solo). More experienced classes will be competing in additional events as directed by their teachers. Solo events include the parade, twirl team, flag or cheer routine done alone. This is what you are learning in your class. For Parade, the parade routine is performed. All children are encouraged to participate in this event.

"What happens when the session is complete?"

Our program runs in most districts for all four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. A few districts do not have a summer program but will begin again in the fall. Each session teaches new routines, tricks or cheers. They are not just a repeat of the prior session, though basic skills will always be drilled. Competition teams will keep adding to their routines. As the child progresses with each session, she may be invited by the instructor to participate in a Junior or a Senior team. Accepting this will be your choice.

"What can I do to help Star Attraction?"

Parent volunteers are always needed. Although parents are not allowed in the classroom after the first class of a session, classroom parent volunteers are allowed in the class every week to help the teacher as needed. Parent volunteers may also chaperone or carry the banner at parades or help at the competitions. It is similar to being a classroom mom and field trip chaperone at school. Older siblings may also volunteer, especially as banner carriers. Volunteers must join Star Attraction . (See the explanation on how to join above.) Please call or email the office if you are interested.

"How can I keep informed about Star Attraction activities?"

The best way to get information about our activities is through email. Send your email address to Include the Parks and Recreation department through which your child is enrolled. You may also call us at 610-933-2074 or visit us on the web at

"What if I have problems or concerns?"

If you have any concerns or problems, DO CONTACT US and as soon as possible! We will do all we can to help you. On the other hand, please call the Parks & Rec. Department to let them know about the good things we are doing!

Star Attraction: 610-933-2074

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